Spring and Summer Happenings at the NMCDC:  Real Meals Program, Upcoming Community Dinner, Sponsor the Outdoor Cinema, White Pine Sash Update, Summer Youth Program, Double Up Snap Bucks, Rent the Burns St. Center, Food & Social Justice Week, Home for Sale by Owner
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The North Missoula Community Development Corporation

April Newsletter

Springtime is Upon Us MIssoula!

Here is the latest and greatest from the NMCDC:

Real Meals Program
Community Dinner

Food & Social Justice Week
White Pine Sash Update
Double-Up Snap Bucks
Outdoor Cinema Sponsorship Opportunities
Summer Kids Program
Rent the Burns Street Center
Home For Sale by Owner
Free Cooking and Nutrition Workshop
       This go-around, the NMCDC is has invited Katie Mikelsons, the School Garden Coordinator at Garden City Harvest, and Amy Harvey from Food Corps to design an affordable meal that the whole family can prepare together.  

Come join us as we cook and eat a meal together, and leave with leftovers and simple recipes for the whole family!
Our next Community Dinner is right around the corner!  
We have partnered with the Co-op and the amazing folks at the Missoula Food Bank to bring you an evening filled with fresh Salad, Shephard's Pie (vegetarian and meat options), and Bread Pudding!  The menu was specifically designed around ingredients you can mostly find at our local Food Bank. All are welcome!!!
Exciting News! The NMCDC has partnered with Good Jobs Missoulathe Missoula Interfaith Collaborative, the MIssoula Food Bank, and the Missoula Community Food Co-op to bring a week of programs designed to spur conversations around Food and Social Justice.
Check 'em out!
White Pine Sash Update

The Montana DEQ released its final Record of Decision

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) released its final Record of Decision (ROD) for the Northside neighborhood's former White Pine Sash mill site on February 19th (See  The cleanup requirements exceeded those of DEQ's originally proposed plan from last fall.  The preponderance of neighborhood testimony demanding residential level remediation was cited by DEQ as reason for the new requirement that the eastern one-half, approximate 10-acre section, of the now vacant Scott Street Partnership-owned property be cleaned to a residential standard.
This outcome is arguably half of what the community deserved -- but both those neighbors inclined to see the glass as half-full and those neighbors more inclined to see it as half-empty should join together in celebrating the extraordinary pride, resilience, and vitality this working-class family-neighborhood generated to speak truth to power in advocating for a clean and healthy environment.  Before and after the decision, the NMCDC reached out to both the City-County Health Department and the Clark Fork Coalition to see if there was interest in joining forces to pursue legal possibilities for an even better outcome.  Both entities felt, however, their resources should best be channeled to oversight of the currently happening remedial design phase in order that they lobby for as much soil excavation as feasible for the "hot spot" areas of contamination.  
The ROD originally outlined a 60-day period for Huttig Building Products (the party responsible for cleanup) to prepare an action plan and timetable.  DEQ's Moriah Bucy relayed to the NMCDC on March 24 that Huttig had applied for and received a 20 day extension from DEQ to design its remediation details and schedules. It's not clear what DEQ's response time will be after that is received.  She could also not be definitive on the length of time the required cleanup would take because of the vagaries of not having an action plan in hand.
In the meantime, Edgell Builders has entered into a buy-sell to purchase roughly 8-acres of the old Clawson adjoining site for  residential development and made some preliminary outreach to the Scott Street group about the ten acres at White Pine scheduled for the superior cleanup.  (So much for those who formerly talked down the Northside's residential desirability.) The Missoula Redevelopment Agency has reported to the NMCDC that it will soon be soliciting professional services to produce what will be a strategic plan for redevelopment of the North Reserve/Scott Street Urban Renewal District urban renewal area, which includes both the Clawson and White Pine areas.  The district was created at the end of 2014 (see map at: The coming plan will guide MRA priorities and decisions.  

A representative of the agency previously offered NMCDC the following assurances: "Close communication with the Northside Neighborhood will be explicitly stated within the RFP document and later within the scope of services between MRA and the successful RFP respondent." It will behoove neighbors to pay as much attention as possible to this process. 

Bob Oaks

Double-Up Snap Bucks Program

The NMCDC is proud to be working with other local organizations to launch a program to improve quality food access for low income Missoulians! Join us, along with the Missoula Food Co-op, the Community Food and Agriculture Coalition, and both downtown Missoula farmers markets, in improving equity in our city. Visit our crowdfunding site:

The Double SNAP Dollars (DSD) program will match, dollar for dollar, SNAP (aka Food Stamps) benefits on fresh, local fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods. For example, if a shopper comes in with $5 in SNAP benefits to spend on local spinach, the program will donate $5 more to spend on other locally produced foods!

If you have never relied on SNAP benefits to feed your family, you may be wondering why there is a need to boost benefits. Well, according to the USDA, the average SNAP recipient in Montana receives $117.53/monthly- or only about $3.92 a day - to feed themselves. According to the 2013 American Community Survey results, in the Missoula area, around 13% households received SNAP benefits. However, in our North/Westside neighborhood, an even larger proportion of households, about 26%, relied on SNAP benefits. As a result, many people cannot afford nutritious meals and understandably turn to cheap, processed foods, high in sodium, to keep their bellies full.

Clearly, we, as a community, must work for change. We must work to ensure all of our neighbors are able to affordably access the incredible food our Co-op (and all of the Missoula Community) has to offer. Heck, it’s written into the Missoula Community Food Co-op's mission: to provide and promote affordable access to local and healthful food while creating a vibrant forum for broadening community awareness and fostering collective creativity.

Even more, DSD will also benefit local farmers and growers and in turn, our local economy and food system by encouraging dollars to be spent on local food and stay in our community. What more could we ask for?

Although the idea of a DSD program may sound new, many similar programs can be found in over 24 states across the country. Other programs have been incredibly successful at creating access to local, nutritious foods and boosting returns for local farmers and growers. We are currently chatting with these programs to understand the systems and tools of creating a successful program.

Currently, the program is in the fundraising and marketing phase. Consider donating to help us build the match pool and get the program ready for a June 1 launch date at the Co-op, and May 3 launch for farmers markets. Check out our crowdfunding page or contact Lacy ( or Amanda ( for more info.

Excited about Outdoor Cinema?
We thought you would be, because so are we!  The NMCDC is currently looking for individuals and/or organizations to act as sponsors.  If you are interested please contact Bob at or call 829-0873 and ask for details and a sponsorship packet.
Summer Youth Program
Are you looking for fun activities for your children this summer? Well, look no further!  The Burns Street Kids Program provides free snacks and activities Monday-Thursday from 3-6pm when school is out of session.  For more information visit our website or contact Lacy at 829-0873 or email her at
Rent the Burns Street Center

Have you thought about reserving the beautiful Burns Street Center for your next party or meeting?

The space is available for rent Sunday-Thursday after 3:30 pm.
$20/hr for nonprofits,
$35/hr for private parties.
Call or email Lacy to reserve it!
406-829-0873 or
For Sale by Owner: 3 bedroom home at Burns Street Square 
Contact Portico Real Estate for the real estate listings.

Located at Burns Street Square, these homes are available at this price to homebuyers earning less than 80 percent of the area mean income. 

Each of the homes comes with a stove, refrigerator, and energy-star rated dishwasher. Floor coverings consist of eco-friendly FLOR carpet squares and Marmoleum in modern, vibrant colors. All homes are built with energy heels for added insulation and windows are energy-star rated as well. A central boiler heating system provides low-cost, comfortable heat.
The homes are located next to the Missoula Community Food Co-op and Burns Street Bistro. Amazing community, awesome place to live.
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