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New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation 

March/April 2015 Newsletter
2015 NZAWA

Sue Telford

Pamela Adams
Joanne Hales
Executive Committee:
Pip Schofield 
Bianca Barbarich-Bacher
Ann Fosberry
Marian Rait 

Rhona Fraser 

Scholarship and Project Fund Trustees:
Edith Robinson
Dee Bond
Rochelle Fleming 

Newsletter Editor:
Janelle Rouse

Library and Archives Committee:
Pam Collings
Sue Telford
Pat Campbell
Bernice Hintz 

AOPA - Visit us
President Report April 2015 

It is official, NZAWA are members of the Aviation Federation where representatives of our aviation community have a communal voice to CAA and our Government. The first meeting takes place 23 April in Wellington and Pip Schofield will represent our Executive and Association. Topics will consist of the airspace amendments and medical fees.

Membership with Aviation NZ - AIA will be next.

The second meeting with the CAA Aviation Community Medical Liaison Group will take place 2 June and Pam Adams will attend.  It is quite important to remain in contact with this group particularly regarding depression and any potential psych tests our pilot will be required to undertake for future assessment.
Thank you to Marian Rait for organising and setting up the NZAWA Booth at Omaka for the 2015 Show. There was interest and plenty of discussion throughout the Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday event. Our banner display was damaged due to strong winds on the Saturday but Marian has taken on the task to find replacement for a more robust material to with stand outside displays. If there are any members involved in display advertising please get in contact with thanks. website is getting a facelift with many improvements for purchases, registering and constant up to date information. As the saying goes: “we can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people”. However the ability to register for our Annual Rally on line is very convenient and efficient for the Organisers. If you can endeavour to get on line and investigate what is on the NZAWA website then we welcome your comments.
The summer season has been very busy and I have had 8 successful flying tours with fellow guests from the UK, USA and Germany. The weather has been cooperative and Fiordland has been in full scenic glory proving to our pilots that the real mountain flying exists in the Deep South.
Aviation in New Zealand has had a sad 2014/15 within the GA sector losing accomplished pilots and all I can say is to learn from their mistakes and take on board your limitations as a pilot. Seek advice and keep learning from your experiences and experiences of others. Hence our Annual Rally in Waipukurau will impart a wealth of knowledge in social discussion and guest speaker appearances.
Research the Russian Night Witches and get involved with the theme of the Rally Weekend.
Keep your ball in the middle

Sue Telford

Night Witches - CLICK ON THIS

Secretary Report 

Autumn is upon us which means the Queen’s Birthday Rally is getting closer as is our AGM.   For NZAWA to continue we need members to step up and take an active role in the administration of the association.  If you are willing to help with the day to day running of the association we need you now.  Aviation is continually evolving and new young minds means this association can evolve as well.
A warm welcome to new members:
VITI FLANAGAN from Auckland has an engineering background with the RNZAF.
LEA GIBLIN a topdressing pilot, joins us from Waipukurau.
SARAH CLARK is a student pilot based in Blenheim.
EMMA BROOKS won our Youth Soaring award at the Youth Soaring Development Camp at Omarama in December.
From the Walsh Memorial Scout Camp the winner of the NZAWA award was ISABELLA ALLAN, with runner up DANIELLE STEVENS and ISOBELLA CAMPBELL.
Our Air Training Corp camp scholarship winner was SIMARA-LEIGH WILLIAMS.
BARBARA THOMSON, a B777 pilot for Air New Zealand, joins us from Auckland
SANDRA WINHOVEN is a Private Pilot currently flying at the Tauranga Aero Club.
See you all at Waipukurau


Big plane Little plane.... doesn't matter.... its FLYING!!
if you have other aviation photographs to share please email through to the NZAWA Editor!
Parachuting, Gliding, Control Tower, Helicopter, Ag flying, endless viewing


Volunteers for Wellington & Auckland areas are needed to distribute brochures on behalf of Warbirds Over Wanaka.
NZAWA members are requested to assist the brochure drop because in return your Association will purchase a booth at a discounted rate of $800!
Distribution is requested to be completed by July 2015.
Your time is most appreciated.
Please email Mandy Deans ( now to find out more detail.

From the Editor

Hi all! Hope you are all getting your costumes ready for the Rally! I have got almost all my leave approved for it, keeping my fingers crossed I will be seeing you all there. 

After this Rally I will be handing the reigns of the newsletter over to someone else - that someone who we have not yet identified! If you are interested in taking up this role email either myself or Sue and we can tell you a little bit about it. 




The new accout for all the Rally registration is 03 0399 0078431 00

And a friendly reminder that Rally registrations are now due - Dont miss out! 
NZAWA Rally 2015

Here is some information about activities, local attractions and general stuff for the Rally on Queen's Birthday weekend. Jan has overcome many technical difficulties (of the computer kind...) and late nights to get this out to the membership. Looks like it will be a great weekend as always! From Jan and the team:
HELLO EVERYONE, it's not long to go now so if you haven't already done so, it's still ok to sign up for the Rally at Waipukurau. Registrations have been flowing nicely but it would be nice to see more of you as we're going to have a beaut time.
  • Quite a number of you have given notice on Facebook of your attendance but please don't forget to fill in the registration form along with the competition sheet plus book in with Pukeora. Of the others, not everyone who has said they are competing have actually stated in what? Please complete the competition form prior to the Rally.
  • Oh AND if any of you are having trouble with paying online, please check that it is into the 00 account & not the 01 account as this has been closed. There may be more of this elsewhere in Newsletter.
  • Another incentive to register is that for anyone flying themselves, your aircraft's registration will be sent to
    Airways and whether or not you're in the Airways competition, there's a very good chance you'll have your Airways fees waived. How often does this happen?!

    Well enough of the housekeeping & onto the fun stuff.
  • I Hope you've enjoyed learning about the incredible Russian 'Girls' who virtually vanished into obscurity until relatively recently and even now are still little known about. If you can't find Russian garb, don't forget we are also celebrating our other Allied 'Sisters' - well Grandmothers now - who ferried all the War aircraft around the U.K and the States so you could dress up as one about to blast off in a Spitfire or Flying Fortress. I don't think there was any Allied female equivalent of Shultz but who knows?
  • We are so lucky to have a wonderful Russian musician, Alexey Medvedev coming to entertain us on the Saturday night so be feeling fit and get some practice with Cossack dancing. Believe me, you are going to love him!
  • We also have great speakers throughout the weekend including Lea Giblin (local agricultural pilot), Anna Shaw (Military
    pilot and also a local), plus Captain David Morgan who needs no introduction as the Chief Pilot for Air NZ.
  • All inspirational.
  • Lea's focus has changed from the rigours of a top dressing pilot to those of a farming wife and mother of two who is now getting back into flying. Anna has had a stellar career in the RNZAF and now that her twin boys are a bit older, she is back instructing in the new and very sophisticated A109s. As a military pilot, she will be able to give a good insight into flying in 'hot' areas and just how a female fits into this arena.
  • For anyone wishing to pursue a professional career in aviation, you had best be with us as Captain David has most
    generously set up an award to be announced on Sunday night in honour and memory of Ann Barbarich-Bacher or 'Our Annie' as she had become affectionately known in aviation circles.
  • On Sunday there will be a variety of options for Rally attendees including a talk by CHB Aero Club CFI, Ross MacDonald on strip flying followed by opportunities for a number of people to fly with him and other suitably qualified instructors around various strips. Even if you're not planning on any 'bush' flying, skills learnt from this type of exercise might 'save your bacon' if you ever had to make a precautionary landing. It sure helps you get to know your aircraft better without being dangerous. There will also be a talk on flying in and around the mountains by one of our most experienced pilots in that environment - our own President Sue.
  • There are options of flying to a local Pub for lunch (for pilots used to landing away from big airfields), and/or flying about interesting places in the general area and/or visiting local attractions by road. As numbers aren't strictly needed for these activities, the details will be sent out in a further email to all.
  • For anyone interested in grand old mansions sporting High Tea, a visit to the nearby Oruawharo Homestead will be a must.
Well, that is a taste of what's to come and of course transport to and from Napier Airport is available but we just need to sort the times of pick ups nearer the weekend according to the arrival times. We haven't exactly got a price on that yet as it depends on what size of vehicle needed but it won't be 'scary'.
There is a shuttle to Napier
city for anyone arriving early and who might like to have a look round - it's quite pretty with an interesting history having been completely rebuilt after the earthquake in 1931. The pick up point from town will be the Pilot Shop Downunder in Tennyson Street.

Well that's it from me for now so looking forward to seeing you all soon. If anyone has a balalaika, I am sure Alexey would be happy to share the floor!
Sunday Activities:

Self drive to Waipawa and check out:
  • 'Artmosphere' Gallery showing works of more than 70 artists sculpture, photography, glass, clay, wood and paintings.
  • Waipawa clock shop (closed Sundays)
  • CHB Settlers Museum
  • Misty River Cafe

and for a group of 10 or more Lime Rock Wines will open for you.

Takapau Circuit - self drive or we could take the shuttle van to
  • Oruawharo Homestead (150 years old) for Devonshire Tea 
  • Noreswear shop for wollens, and also artist works
  • Junction Winery
Free time:
  • Waipukurau has an indoor swimming pool
  • Pukeora Estate has a walking track
  • Cefyn Gauden has his art studio at Pukeora 
  • Susan Higginson small art studio within walking distance of the airfield 
The Central Hawkes Bay Aero Club owns a Tiger Moth which is operated at very good rates and Ross MacDonald is happy to make it (and himself) available for anyone wishing to try the delights of flying such a classic. 
The 2014 annual Youth Soaring Development Camp (YSDC) was held at Omarama 8 – 17 December and we are pleased to was a cracker!!
The twenty-four Youth Glide NZ members who attended enjoyed some fantastic soaring conditions. There was a good mix of wave, ridge, thermal and convergence soaring with some having wave flights up to 22,000 ft and thermals to 13,000 ft. We are sure all have been inspired to continue to advance their soaring skills.
Some quick stats from the camp:
340 flights were flown during the 10 day camp
300 hrs gliding were flown with 115 hrs being flown solo
There were 6 First Solos and several re-solos after last year;
7 A Cert’s completed; 3 complete FAI Silver Badges and two FAI Silver height gains; Numerous type ratings; and Kim and her team fed the 45 attendees 3 great meals every day to help make it all possible!
NZAWA’s support in providing the Prize Money, Membership and the Silver Wings book was really appreciated and certainly helped us provide the fantastic range of aviation based incentives for the fortunate prize recipients. Emma Brooks from Tauranga was presented the prize by Yvonne Loader so I am sure Emma will make contact with you to find out how she can be involved with your next rally.
We extend our thanks on behalf of all involved with organising YGNZ activities for your generous support of the camp at Omarama. We also extend our best wishes for the year ahead.
Safe and happy flying,
Kim and Roger Read
for the Executive Committee
Youth Glide New Zealand

Silver Wings New Pricing

The RRP (recommended retail price) – that is the price you will now see it for in bookshops – has been reduced to $29.99 from 1 April.
The price for NZAWA DIRECT SALES – to non-members and friends is $20. 
The price to MEMBERS is now $15.
If you do not possess a copy get your copy now and new members receive a copy as part of the joining fee.

$15 should be an attractive price for you to buy a few Silver Wings copies for gifts and as a thank you.
Give a copy to your local school, Flying Club or support your local Young Eagles.


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