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November/December 2015 Newsletter
Only 207 Days until the NZAWA 2016 Rally to be held in Mercer !
2015 NZAWA

Sue Telford

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Mercer Airport

President Report

Now windy spring has arrived. I have recently completed an eleven day flying tour working around the forecast gale force wind. We successfully completed our tour and managed to enjoy our beautiful South Island within the confines of the weather conditions.
I have also found that the whirl wind of life catches up and to adjust with what the systems in place can offer you. I am now past the theory mode and I look forward to complete my helicopter PPL and get stuck into the summer season with fixed wing flying.
Who knows what El Niño will dish out to us fellow aviators this season, but make sure you enjoy yourself.
  • How about signing up to the March 2016 Flying NZ safari?
  • Grab your NZAWA membership booklet, contact fellow members to fill an aircraft on a day’s flying experience to a nearby airstrip - but make sure you remain within walking distance to a good coffee!
  • Refresh your flying skills or gain a rating at your nearest flying school?
  • Visit Wanaka and allow me to show you our mountainous back door?
Either way, how you approach your aviation realm, I am sure it will put a smile on your face!
On behalf of NZAWA as President, I attended the Aviation NZ Women's Leaders in Aviation Summit in Wellington 20-21 October.
NZAWA members; Liz Hogarth with Nelson Aviation College and Amy Dreverman attended on behalf of the Met Service NZ Ltd.

The reason for this Summit?
The New Zealand aviation industry is growing at 5.5% per year but
  • Almost half the workforce is over 45 years old and less than 20% is under 29
  • 67% of those employed in aviation are male and this hasn’t changed much in 10 years
  • The industry is demanding a higher skilled workforce, and demand for labour is growing at 1.5% pa
  • Almost 80% of the workforce is of European origin (71% in 2006)
There is demand across a number of sectors including engineering, avionics, air traffic control, flying and air transport professionals.
(Figures from ‘A profile of the Aviation Sector in New Zealand’ by ServiceIQ 2014)
Challenges faced by aviation:
  • How do we attract the talent to support future growth?
  • How do we get more young people involved?
  • How do we make the industry more attractive to women?
  • How do we grow diversity?

 Women Leaders in Aviation Speakers Biography

 Dr Deborah Hume (Former GM Passenger Operations at Kiwirail) 

Dr Hume has led strategic risk-management consultancies that worked with public and private organisations and has most recently been responsible for Wellington’s Metro train operations (Tranz Metro) and New Zealand’s longdistance passenger train services (Scenic Journeys) for KiwiRail. She has a PhD in Biology from Queen’s University in Canada and is a member of the Institute of Directors and Global Women
Graeme Harris (Director of Civil Aviation Authority New Zealand)
The objective of the Authority is to undertake its safety, security and other functions in a way that contributes to the aim of achieving and integrated safe, responsive and sustainable transport system. Graeme is accountable to the Authority (board of governors) and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the CAA. He also exercises functions and powers under the Civil Aviation Act 1990, including controlling entry into the civil aviation system, and the monitoring of adherence to safety and security requirements.
Grant Lilly (Chair Tourism Industry Association, Director CAA, Service IQ and Queenstown Airport Corporation)

Grant has had an extensive career in top executive roles with large New Zealand corporates, including Air New Zealand and Qantas Airways. He now works as professional Director and has a varied portfolio of governance appointments, including Queenstown Airport Corporation, Service IQ, Civil Aviation Authority and Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa.
Jo Coughlan (Councillor at Wellington City Council and Chair Economic Growth & Arts Cttee)

Johanna (Jo) has some 20 years experience in senior public relations and communications roles including Press Secretary for the former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister the Rt Hon Don McKinnon. In 2008, with business partner Bridget Abernethy, Coughlan launched Silvereye Communications and has subsequently worked with a wide range of public and private sector clients across diverse industries.
Kevin Thompson (GM People: Operations & Flight Operations & Safety- Air NZ)

As part of the HR Leadership Team for Air New Zealand, Kevin heads the leadership, talent management, positive performance management, diversity and capability creation strategies for the airline’s Pilot, Cabin Crew, Flight Operations and Safety, Business Performance and Airline Operations functions. Prior to joining Air New Zealand in early 2012, Kevin was a specialist employment law practitioner engaged in a full range of employment and industrial issues encountered by large and progressive workplace environments in New Zealand – including for Air New Zealand.
Kimberley Turner (Chief Executive Officer at Aerosafe Risk Management)

Kimberley is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aerosafe Risk Management. As a certified practicing risk manager and strategic advisor in governance, Turner is heavily involved in promoting and advancing the discipline of risk management and has been dubbed a “risk management futurist” for her forward thinking, innovation, and original leading concepts in the field. She is regularly invited to be a keynote speaker at conferences around the globe, and has authored three publications in risk management.

Linda Bulk (Director of Aeronavics)

Linda started her own company in 2004 offering team building and personal development programs, optimising team efficiency and facilitating change. In 2008, Bulk and her business partner Rob were introduced to aerial robotic technology. They ran a photography/360 virtual environment business with this technology and were taken by the incredible potential. In 2010 Aeronavics (formerly known as Droidworx) was born. Bulk is the General Manager with a focus on marketing and sales.
Hon Louise Upston (Minister for Women & of Land Information)

In October 2014 Louise was appointed Minister of Land Information and Minister for Women. Prior to being appointed a Minister, Louise was Government Chief Whip for two years and was Junior Whip for one year. She has also served on the Parliamentary Service Commission and has been a member of the Government Administration, Education and Science, Local Government and Environment, and Maori Affairs select committees
Martin Matthews (Secretary for Transport and Chief Executive at Ministry of Transport)

Martin has held the position of Secretary for Transport and Chief Executive at Ministry of Transport since September 2008. The Ministry’s purpose is to ensure our transport system helps New Zealand thrive.  Matthews has been responsible for leading the development of, and advising the government on transport policy matters, including road, rail, aviation and maritime.  The Ministry also oversees the Government’s transport, regulatory and operational agencies.
Maureen Dougherty (President Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific)

Maureen is the senior company leader in the Oceania region and coordinates all Boeing activities, leads government relations and directs the implementation of Boeing’s strategy to expand its local presence and grow the business. Appointed in February 2014, Dougherty is based in Sydney, Australia.
Michelle Guthrie (Managing Director, Agencies, Google APAC & Board of Directors Auckland Intl Airport)
Michelle was appointed as a director of Auckland Airport in October 2013. She is a seasoned media executive with 13 years’ experience in Asia focused roles, and experience in the area of digital marketing, business development, business acquisitions, law and governance. 
AVM Mike Yardley DSD (Chief of Air Force at Royal New Zealand Air Force)

Yardley enlisted in the RNZAF in 1981 as a General Duties Navigator. He was posted to No. 5 Squadron as a Navigator and after attending the RNZAF Command and Staff College he was appointed Commanding Officer No. 5 Squadron in 1999. He assumed the role of Chief of Air Force in May 2014. 
Pauline Lamb (Chief Operating Officer at Airways New Zealand)

Pauline was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of Airways New Zealand in March 2013. She is accountable for ensuring safe, efficient and sustainable air traffic management services and associated infrastructure across New Zealand and 30 million sq km of the Pacific. Before joining Airways, she built a long and successful career at NATS in the UK, starting as a controller in 1983 and subsequently gaining extensive management experience in the Enroute, Terminal and Airport air traffic control environments.
Samantha Sharif (Chief Executive Officer at Aviation New Zealand)

Samantha was appointed as the CEO of Aviation New Zealand in February 2014. She has significant experience in leadership roles based in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, particularly in the aviation industry. She also has significant experience in governance roles including as a current Director of Wellington Regional Council Holdings and the NZ Institute of Safety Management.  
 Stephen Selwood (CEO at NZ Council for Infrastructure Development)

Stephen has held the position of Chief Executive in NZCID for the past 10 years. He is an expert on the infrastructure sector with a deep understanding of infrastructure governance, strategy, regulation, funding, delivery and management. He has undertaken extensive research of infrastructure policy implementation and delivery within New Zealand and overseas. Particular areas of expertise include, infrastructure industry advanced procurement, investment analysis, communications and stakeholder relationship management.
I found these speakers most informative and from some, the information gathered was alarming but invigorating. I have recorded the two day session and will place these subjects onto the website for your education. A written summary will accompany this. This should appear online by December.

In the meantime please listen to Sheryl Sandberg on YouTube: Why we have too few women leaders; click on

Then on behalf of NZAWA I attended the Aviation Federation meeting at the WN airport conference facility on 22 October. If you are unfamiliar with the AF - Aviation Federation then I summarise that NZAWA are members of a federation consisting of 12 accomplished aviation groups who are shareholders of ASL and a conglomerate who become one voice in general aviation affairs who often liaise with CAA.  The meetings are held four times per year to inform and update the group and then in turn this information is relayed to the respected groups.
Once again an information update will be placed online at
A summary discussed at this meeting was:
  • Read part 139 – CAA Regarding the aerodrome policy
  • Southern Skies process is slow but designed for airlines. A large expense that will hit end user pockets. GA is to remain aware of the procedures that are put in place and keep the airways aware of GA requirements.
  • ACMLG – Aviation Community Medical Liaison Group. There are systems in place to cause invasive diagnosis. Intervention by principle medical officer. SMS status based on statistics to enforce unwanted tests.
  • ASPEQ update.
  • AF board member updates.
The next gathering of this aviation community will take place on 10 December and will include rubbing shoulders with our distinguished government representatives at parliament buildings.
My view on this intense and informative week is that our aviation community is small but individual. There are many factions to our close knit industry and we lack communication and networking. How do we keep the majority informed? But the catch is how many of us are really concerned with the current affairs?
There is an awareness that our youth need to be educated on what qualifies as an aviation professional. Career Advisors and Education Board must be made aware of the career opportunities that are available to our next generation within the aviation sector.
Your Executive held another Skype meeting 2 November 2015. Again any matters you would like us to discuss please contact the Secretary, Pam Adams.
I end this report with an adventure I recently had in a Cessna 210 turbine. Flying the Fiordland area at 4000ft was invigorating and cruising across the Olivine Ice Plateau and around the summit of Mt Aspiring at 170kts in a pressurised single seated aircraft was one immersed in a state of euphoria…. Thank you to the Paravicini family for allowing me the opportunity to fly along!

Sue Telford
From the Editors

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather spring has had to offer.  Some of you have been overseas and it's a great chance to hear about your trips in this newsletter. Please do write something for us, even if it's just a few lines, it is great to hear from you and know what our members are up to!
Later in the newsletter is a write up about my trip to Fiji in the jump seat of Air New Zealand's 787-9 Dreamliner. - An amazing aeroplane!

Next Newsletter is out January 10th, wishing you all a very Merry Chirstmas and hope the silly season isn't too silly!

We hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Happy and safe flying!
Enya & Minou

Carlton Campbell

As published in the last Vector Magazine, Carlton Campbell received the CAA Flight Instructor award for 2015. Many of us have had the opportunity to fly with him, a highly regarded instructor, one who knows the mountains like the back of his hand and is one to watch at the men's competitions at the NZAWA rally!

As an A-Cat instructor, flight examiner and CAA safety adviser, Carlton surrounds himself day to day with aviation and is well respected by his fellow aviators.

His experience in the mountain flying field has given him the name of the ultimate mountain guru!

Well done Carlton!


787-9 Jump Seat Experience

As part of the Ann Barbarich Memorial Award presented at the 2015 Rally, I was given the opportunity for a return flight in the jump seat on the 787-9 Dreamliner. On Saturday the 31st of October I had the privilege of being on board a return flight to Nadi, Fiji in ZK-NZG.

I was contacted that Wednesday to see if I was free on Saturday and whether my passport was current! I managed to rearrange work and yes, my passport was good to go! Captain Roger Read arranged with Mr. David Morgan and before I could blink, I was on my way to Nadi, Fiji return in the jump seat!

Being a two pilot operation, the centre jump seat was free. Being in the best seat in the cockpit I had a pretty good view! After meeting the pilots Capt. Read and First Officer Steven Kitching, we looked at the flight plan, almost a straight line North to Fiji.

The weather looked good (a shame we weren't staying though), NOTAMS were checked, we headed through Customs and out to the aeroplane.
What an incredible aircraft, predominantly electronic, it amazed me how there were no physical circuit breakers - all electronic. Same with the brakes, electric instead of hydraulic. 

We had a smooth flight to Fiji; with a flight time of 2hours, 45 minutes, cruising at 38,000ft. The cabin is pressurised at 6000ft, which made a difference as my ears didn't pop coming into land. The approach was absolutely beautiful! - photos included - of the picturesque Fiji coastline and surrounding islands. There were a couple of floatplanes around, making their way to Denarau Island. 
I did the walk around in Nadi with Captain Read, it made me appreciate the size of this aeroplane. The gear, the engine and the tail were all huge! Such an incredible plane! All the crew on board were so accommodating and welcoming and added to this amazing day. 

I loved having the opportunity to live a day in the life of a 787 pilot, this experience gave me a real insight into flying commercially and I hope to sit in the left seat of this incredible aircraft at some stage in my flying career.
This truly was an incredible experience and I was humbled to have been the recipient of the inaugural Ann Barbarich memorial award.

Ann truly was an incredible woman and an inspiration to all female pilots.
Jan Chism's Trip to the UK.

Making the most of what is probably Jerry’s last trip to the sim in France for the dear old F-27 (being put out to pasture soon), I took the opportunity to head to the other side of the world with him .The timing was perfect for another visit to the International Moth Rally at Woburn Abbey  and as it happened, I was invited to reacquaint myself with my old friend G-AAXG to attend the Rally, in Bedfordshire,north of London. Some of you might remember that this aircraft was owned for many years by Gerald Grocott  as ZK-AEJ but was bought by Simon Kidston whose father brought ‘her’ out to NZ on a ship in the 1930s. She had actually been built  for Sir Allan Butler especially  as a racer for the Kings Cup so has a unique place in the deH lineage. As Simon lives in Switzerland and isn’t actually a pilot, ‘she’ lives in our friend, Henry Labouchere’s hangar, hence the connection.
   The special deH90 Dragonfly that Jerry had flown there twice before had found a new owner so he had to settle down to being my navigator. As I wasn’t au fait with my newly acquired Oz Runways , and didn’t have anyone to follow this time, his directions were crucial to keeping me out of  the many airspaces between Langham in Norfolk . Since the radio battery had mysteriously died, I was rather relieved not to have to strain to make sense of noises that would come through the helmet  as these can become pretty distorted in open cockpits  unless an extra good system is in place.

I was keen to get near the venue on the Friday so managing to get hangarage for the night amongst the Shuttleworth Collection, we set off thinking we might make it between 2 weather systems cruising across the south of the country but  my courage ran out when we had to descend below the height of some extremely high masts dotted about - forward vision from these aircraft being minimal. Fortunately conditions the next morning were very different so a very nice flight of an hour something was had over pretty country but completely bereft of any hills which is strange for any Kiwi pilot.
We arrived to a very nice welcome, amongst a great many, mainly deH aircraft including 8 other Gipsy Moths - particularly poignant as we were celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Moth. Also celebrated was the 40th birthday of The Moth Club plus 30 Rallies at Woburn Abbey so instead of a barbeque in the marquee, a Black Tie dinner was held in the Grand Sculpture Gallery alongside the Abbey. Yours truly had been invited to say Grace so will definitely think twice before offering to volunteer again!!

This is a truly international gathering of Mothists who fly in from all over Europe and Scandinavia , often in rubbish weather, plus enthusiasts  attend from all over the world. Something like 75 aircraft on Sat. & 86 on Sunday graced the hallowed turf and it was of extra note that one of the stars was a ‘Kiwi’ – that being ZK-AGM, the world’s newest Fox Moth, owned by Dubai based Emirites captain, Bruce Broady. This was rebuilt in the U.K and a huge effort all round was made to have her all ready & ticketed for this Rally where she took out the Concours Trophy  - wearing her NZ letters too. She even took part in the display on the Sunday, along with other interesting aircraft.

This is such a wonderful event for many reasons, not the least being the  ability to network  & learn more about these old aircraft.  We have gained contacts & friends all over the world so it’s special to  catch up such times.
I could go on about other experiences but that’s enough for now & the deadline has been stretched!

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