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July 2016 Newsletter
Wanaka Rally- Queens birthday weekend 2017
2016 NZAWA Executive Committee

Julie Bubb

Elizabeth Hogarth
Lynn Holland

Pip Schofield 
Bianca Barbarich-Bacher
Ann Fosberry
Erin Spencer 

Rhona Fraser 

Scholarship and Project Fund Trustees:
Edith Robinson
Dee Bond
Rochelle Fleming 

Newsletter Editor:
Minou van Vliet
Enya McPherson

Library and Archives Committee:
Pam Collings
Sue Telford
Pat Campbell
Bernice Hintz 

New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation
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President Report July 2016

This is my first report as your President. For those of you who don’t know me, I will do a brief introduction.

I live in Paeroa on a dairy farm where we have a short 350 metre airstrip and fly our Sportcruiser (microlight) JBZ from there. I’ve been flying for about 20 years and have been a member of NZAWA for the last 19 years. Being a member has been really important to me, as it is my main opportunity to mix with like-minded girls (who love flying) especially as I live in a small country district. I have served on the executive before as Treasurer for a couple of years. I am a mother, grandmother, JP, Marriage Celebrant and have spent the last 12 years as a Hauraki District Councillor. I’m shortly going to retire from my Council role so I will have a lot more time for flying, travelling and to devote more time to NZAWA.

Thanks to all of you who came to the Mercer Rally and helped to make it a really enjoyable event. Many thanks to Dee Bond - our Rally Organiser, and to Neil for hosting us for the W/E. Thanks also to Ann Fosberry for all the work she put in as Rally Co-ordinator from the Executive Committee. While many people helped over the W/E, I especially want to thank Trish and Ike Stephens who drove from Tauranga to work on the grid, in spite of still being in recovery mode – great effort guys!  Also I appreciate all the time Edith Robinson put in working in the kitchen, ably assisted by Judith Grant.
 A very warm welcome to all the new members who came to the Rally – well done for your success in the competitions and we look forward to seeing you again.

The weather Gods were unpredictable for the Rally -the fog was very persistent and did not lift until well into the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday and made for a very condensed time to hold the competitions. There was at least plenty of time to sit and enjoy hot soup/coffee and talk flying while contemplating when the fog was going to lift.
Prior to the rally, I personally found the Seminars Day really interesting with a fantastic line up of fascinating and varied speakers. I understand the School’s Day was also an excellent event – thanks again to Dee for all her extra work in organising these.

We enjoyed hosting the AWPA (Australian Women Pilots Association) members including President Carol Dehn. Carol emailed and thanked everyone for making the Aussie girls feel so welcome and said that they’d had a great time. She is also inviting us to go to their next Conference in Bendigo, Victoria next March.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to our retiring executive members – Sue Telford, Pamela Adams and Marian Rait. Sue has done a wonderful job as President for the past 5 years – thanks Sue for your enthusiasm, energy and sense of humour. Thanks to Pamela for her time as secretary. Pamela has an exceptional knowledge of NZAWA matters and I especially want to thank her for updating all our records before handing the job over. Thanks also to Marion who has concentrated on marketing and we have her to thank for our stunning promotional banners.

A very warm welcome to our new executive members – Elizabeth Hogarth from Nelson is our new secretary (and it was a privilege to meet her last WE in sunny Nelson). We also welcome Erin Spencer, an instructor from the Hawkes Bay.
Please feel free to contact me anytime with any ideas for NZAWA.
Safe flying.
Phone: (07) 862 7188 
              027 6003967


Treasurer's Report - Lynn Holland

Key points:

 Post Mercer Rally
 Overseas Subscriptions rate removed
 Audit proposed rule change
 Investments

A big THANKS to our Mercer Rally Organising Team, well done for another excellent Queens Birthday weekend. Post Mercer I have contacted members who had tours cancelled due weather and offered refunds. If I have overlooked you and you would like a refund please email me. Bianca has taken on sorting out tee shirt orders and has ordered extras which will be posted out. Not all Rally accounts have been settled but hopefully there will be a clearer financial statement in the next newsletter.

As discussed in the previous newsletter, the Executive has approved the removal of the higher Overseas Subscription rate. The overseas rate was $70 per annum to cover the increased cost of newsletter postage. Currently the newsletter is emailed so this increase is no longer required. Overseas members will now pay Ordinary Subscription $50 per annum or the discount rate offered.

The requirement for an annual audit was discussed at the 2016 AGM and resolved as per minutes. Rule 7.2.2 to be amended as follows:
“The financial accounts shall be created by an accountant and may be examined by a qualified reviewer or auditor and these reports shall be distributed to members ... or something similar. Incoming committee to finalise wording for a notice of motion for alteration of rules prior to the next AGM.”

NZAWA investments were also discussed at AGM as interest rates and our major source of income for scholarships continue to fall. The current Westpac investments are earning 3.25% and due to rollover in August 2016. The SPF Trustees or other members with financial experience have been requested to consider other long term investments for at least part of our funds that may earn higher than bank interest rates. A conservative, managed fund portfolio, with low to medium risk and widely diversified, would be expected to earn higher returns long term compared with bank investments.

Finally, there are still members who are not financial this year and I will be emailing a reminder notice. If you have any concerns about your membership do email me for an update.

Thank you.

Secretary Report(s) - Pamela Adams

This is my last newsletter as Secretary. I wish to thank all the committee members, past and present, and the membership in general for your support over the last four years. I wish to especially thank Elizabeth Hogarth for taking on the role of Secretary.

The rally always generates interest and we always get a flurry of new members.

A big welcome to student members Ashleigh Mincher, Erikka Wooller, and Raina Lochan from Auckland and Aimee Burn from Napier Also from Auckland are Marilynn Bragg and CPL Sandra Shallard and from Hamilton is engineer Isabel Bird.

Last but not least we welcome three new Associate members – Max Brooker, Murray McFarlane, and Jacob Madacanno-Holland.

It was great catching up with everyone - hope to see you all in Wanaka in 2017

Elizabeth Hogarth

Hi everyone. I am looking forward to supporting President Julie Bubb, the Executive Committee and Members of the Association as your new secretary. Pamela Adams has done a fantastic job and has made a huge move for all administration to be digitally accessible; which I’m hoping with make this change-over smooth.

I’ve spent a lot of my childhood blissfully enjoying the short view from an FU-24 and although I had the great pleasure of flying with Jenny Frame in the early 1990’s I didn’t start my commercial fixed wing training until 2011. I joined the NZAWA in time for the 2013 Wanaka rally and am excited to attend there again next year. I am based in Nelson and fly part-time from there. I’ll be busy this year with my C-Cat renewal and a single pilot OCA.

I was inspired by all the women aviators in the Top of the South region to put my name forward for the position and I look forward to meeting more of you, growing our membership list and providing a rewarding membership experience.

From the Editors

First of all we would like to give a huge thank you to Dee Bond and the dedicated rally committee for organizing another fantastic weekend! The schools day was a great success with local schools participating in various activities. The fog certainly didn't dampen the mood on Saturday, with many taking up the opportunity at the pre flight competition! Saturday afternoon saw a range of competitions getting underway, once again congratulations to all those who competed! 

As mentioned in the AGM we would like to extend our apologies for those who have not been receiving the newsletter (either by post or online). We are hoping that by sending it out from the secretary's inbox that no further problems will occur. We hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter and watch out for Wanaka 2017!

Happy Flying,

Minou & Enya


Mercer Rally Competition results! 

Well done to all those who competed especially for those who entered for the first time! Also to all our Aussie competitors, we hope you enjoyed the weekend and hope to see you again soon.
The results for the competitions are as per below:

Fitton Rose Bowl
1. Bianca Barbarich-Bacher
2. Jan Chisum
3. Marilyn Bragg

Rhona Fraser Trophy
1. Danielle Stevens
2. Ashleigh Mincher
3. Shannon Crene

Briar Smith Victory Trophy
1. Banu Pashutanisadeh
2. Danielle Stevens
3. Ashleigh Mincher

Collings Cup
1. Danielle Stevens

Winter Rose Bowl
1. Raina Lochan & Asleigh Mincher
2. Sandra Winhoven
3. Kirsty Coleman

Kay Scott Trophy
1. Banu Pashutanisadeh
2. Margaret Wright
3. Jan Chisum

Yvonne Loader Trophy
1. Molly Hadfield (AWPA)
2. Kirsty Coleman
3. Julie Bubb

Patricia Wright Memorial Trophy
1. Marilyn Bragg
2. Judith Grant,Jan Chisum & Lynn Holland
3. Sue Campbell

Morane Saulnier Rally Trophy
1. Jan Chism
2. Margaret Wright
3. Joanne Hales

Aviation News Microlight Trophy
Not Competed

Victa Aerobatic Trophy
Not Competed

Cessna Cup
1. Dee Bond
2. Lynn Holland
3. Bianca Barbarich-Bacher & Lea Giblin

Pioneer Trophy
1. Sandra Shallard
2. Bianca Barbarich-Bacher
3. Lea Giblin & Erikka Woolley

Airways VFR Enroute Competition
1. Margaret Wright

NZ Airwomen’s Gliding Cup
Not Competed

Morrell Gliding Trophy
1. Uma Tuffnell
2. Laetitia Telford

Airwomen’s Soaring Award
Not Competed

Cathy Penney Helicopter Trophy
Not Competed

NZAWA Parachuting Cup
Not Competed

Ninety-Nines Tray
1. Bianca Barbarich-Bacher

NZAWA Photographic Competition
Member – Lea Giblin ·
Non Member – Paul Braithwaite

Jean Batten Trophy (Women in Aviation Trophy
1. New Zealand


Rhona Fraser trip to Houston

Rhona Fraser was welcomed onboard NZ28 in a true kiwi way. The stewards onboard ensured that Rhonda was comfortable on her journey and she even asked some intriguing questions; What is the gross takeoff weight (298tonnes) and How many female pilots at Air New Zealand (about 4%)
Upon arrival into Houston the stewards made an announcement that Miss Fraser was the founder of NZAWA and also the first women in New Zealand to gain her PPL after WW2, and also fly solo in a tigermoth from wellington aero club.
Rhona is busy doing some flying with the US association in Austin and we look forward to hearing all about her adventures in the next newsletter!
The reality of the poster advertising the Rally this year.
Captain Nicole Blanchard and First Officer Lee Maisey in an Airbus 320

Mercer Rally making the news!

As a result of organizing such a fantastic weekend, Dee Bond and the Rally Committee made the news! The drive and passion behind getting younger generations involved in flying is the key for women to get more involved in aviation. And this is exactly what the team achieved on the day. The news article below, written by John Boynton from Stuff shows what a great success the day was, for both students and pilots alike.  

Take a look!

Best Birthday Surprise Ever!

Our new president Julie Bubb recently celebrated a BIG birthday and her family managed to dream up the biggest suprise ever!!

All my immediate family assembled one Friday evening and we all went out for a lovely dinner at the local Thai Restaurant. I had instructed them all in no uncertain terms that I did not want a party. I kind of picked up that something was happening but when we got to the restaurant there were no surprises there and I was just quietly relieved.
When we got home – the family brought out a magnificent cake with an Albatross L39 jet (made of icing) sitting on the cake. I didn’t know what the jet was at the time- my granddaughter Anika, aged 6, was very excited and hinted to me that I was going to love my present but I took no notice. My boys put some pyrotechnic effects on the cake along with the candles.
The next day my family told me numerous lies and I supposedly rushed to Tauranga Airport for my son and Anika to catch a flight home. Stu (an aircraft engineer) instructed me to pull up at a hangar where he allegedly “had to pick up parts for work”. Being so gullible, I believed him.
When we pulled up all my family were there grinning at me. I asked if I was going to fly a simulator. But the surprise was way better than that because parked out in front of the hangar was the Albatross L39 and I had a half hour flight in it. I started to shake with excitement. Luckily my family had thought to put overalls in for me but I had to borrow a pair of shoes from the ground crew.
We flew up the coast to Tairua and back on an absolutely perfect day. The pilot set the jet up along the coast and then said the magic words – “you have control”. Wow – this was flying on steroids – it was so smooth and so fast and the towns came and went ever so quickly. I even got to do a couple of rolls which happened unbelievably quickly. I was on a high for days afterwards and felt way younger than my age!  Luckily Stu put a go-pro camera on the canopy so I can relive the magic flight and the best surprise for a birthday ever!
Carol Dehn

Australian Women Pilots' Association 

Please thank all the lovely ladies for the wonderful hospitality we had in NZ at the Mercer Rally. We were all made to feel so welcome. We had a few ladies that had not crossed the Tasman before so had no idea what to expect. They all had such a great time. Special mention to our driver Paul. Such patience!
I’ve attached the first of our flyers for our next years Bendigo conference which I extend a very warm welcome to any of the New Zealand lady pilots. We would be only too happy to welcome them to enjoy our festivities should they care to do so.

Betty in the sky

The following article was contributed to this month's newsletter by Sue Bull who believes this book links back to our rally theme- Women in Airlines.

Betty is an American air hostess who for the last 10 years has recorded stories from airline staff – other cabin crew, pilots, ground crew, ATC – added her own travel stories and mixed in relevant music.  The result is dozens of very funny, entertaining and occasionally moving, hour-long podcasts, which she puts out approximately monthly.  Everything from passenger bad behaviour to zany crew behaviour to a description of an ex-military pilot’s first aircraft carrier landing is covered.  Go to for more.
Betty has become wildly popular and and for members who prefer a book, some of her stories have been published as Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase.  She has tried to remain anonymous, so is published under the name Betty N Thesky.
A vintage Air Rally to Cape town, recreating the pioneering age of African Aviation in the 1920s.
There will be 15 vintage aeroplanes (built before the end of 1949) plus a support fleet of modern aircraft's/helicopters taking part in this 36 day endeavour.
For more information see: or email


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