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What's your gut feeling?

You really should listen to your gut - it's got it's own brain that's as big and as complex as your spinal cord.  Now you know that you might be less surprised at how far your gut health affects your mood, even down to your brain's neuro-transmitters and pain receptors.  And finally one for the less squeamish - if your gut drives your mood then what could a fecal transplant do for you?   

Your second brain - the gut brain 
Your gut has it's own brain.  It's the same size as a cat's, and produces nine times as much serotonin as the brain in your skull - but what exactly is it doing?
The link between good gut health and your mood 
The impact of gut health on our mood goes a lot further than stomach pains getting us down - research suggests that good mental health needs good gut health.
Fecal transplants - a miracle cure? 
Fecal transplants have a long history and are becoming more numerous - but what exactly is involved, and why are so many of them DIY procedures performed at home?
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