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Let's play!

Our playground this month is the Karpmann Drama Triangle.  Never heard of it?  Most haven't, but you'll have been invited onto it often enough. 

At some time you'll have played on it unknowingly as the Rescuer, the Aggressor, or even the Victim - and it might even have been earlier today. 

Want to get back in control of situations and conversations?  Then read on.

Our playground 
Ever been in situation and been frustrated about how it always goes the same way?  Ever left a conversation wondering how it went in a direction that left you acting in a way you didn't want to?  The reason is the unwritten rules of social games.
Lets play Rescuer!
Have a colleague who's good in a crisis?  Have a friend who's always keen to show how supportive they are?  Then prepare to meet the Rescuer.
Lets play Aggressor!
It must be easy to spot the Aggressor - won't they be shouting all the time?  And surely I'll only meet them if it's me who's made them angry?  It's 'no' on both counts.
Lets play Victim!
No-one wants to be a victim, and they'll all want things to be better, so they'll be easy to help.  Find out why all three of those assumptions about Victims are wrong.
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