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Smoking and smell - another reason to stop?

Smoking affects and destroys our sense of smell.  As Stoptober comes around again we look at the effect that losing our sense of smell has on our lives.  

Smell is incredibly under-rated as a sense - but a life without a sense of smell can be a miserable existence

Smell isn't just important in regulating our mood and mental wellbeing.  Smell is also vital in making and recalling memories, and plays a vital role in our closest relationships and social bonding.

What we lose when we lose our sense of smell
We tend to under-appreciate our sense of smell - but find out over half the people who lose their sense of smell experience depression, isolation, and relationship difficulties
Smell and memory - our deepest link?
From Proust's madeleine to the sudden waft of an ex-lovers' fragrance find out why smell takes us straight back to memories - and the ways you can harness that power
Pheromones - our long distance messengers
Pheromones are chemical messengers that we send into the world to influence other people through smell - just like moths, truffles, and pigs
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