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It's Valentine's Day ...

... but don't worry if the postman isn't troubling you this year.  Instead find out why good relationships at work are so important; what it's like to live in a real-life love/hate relationship, and find out what Emotional Intelligence is, and how it can change every aspect of your life..  

Working relationships - keeping them healthy
You could be spending three times as much time in work relationships as in your personal life - find out why, and how, to keep them healthy and on track
Love/hate relationships - can they work?
Outside of lazily written rom-coms can love/hate relationships ever really work in real life?  The answer to that depends on quite what it is you love and hate.
Emotional Intelligence - have you got it? 
Perhaps you've come across Emotional Intelligence at work.  Don't let that put you off - the benefits of working on your Emotional Intelligence are much wider.
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