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Teenagers - a guide for the perplexed

Back to school this month, and all too often back to pressure for teenagers - academic pressure and peer pressure.

If your teenagers aren't always making the right choices or reacting well it's not their hormones - the teenage brain is actually built differently to adults'.

And if you're worried about their behaviour then find out how to start answering the question "Are they ill or a teenager behaving normally", and how to broach that difficult conversation with them.

The teenage brain
It's not a smaller version of an adult's - the teenage brain grows in complexity every day, but the way it does explains everything from untidiness to long lie-ins.
"Are they ill, or just a normal teenager?"
Impulsive and risky behaviour, withdrawal from the family, or spells of anger - how to tell if it's normal teenage behaviour or the first signs of something else entirely.
What to say to help your teenager
Opening a conversation about someone's mental health can be challenging, and even more so with teenagers - so here are 7 guidelines for having that conversation
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