Prostate cancer is one of the least understood men's health conditions. Read this information on how to protect your own prostate health.
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We know that talking about prostate health can sometimes be a sensitive, even awkward, subject for many. But few conditions are less understood than prostate cancer. September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, so now is the perfect time to raise awareness. 

As men age, their risk for prostate cancer increases. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so we have put together the information below to help you learn more and protect your health.
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Interview with Dr. Lawrence Houston, MD

We sat down with family physician Dr. Lawrence Houston, MD. He shared with us his views on the importance of using dietary supplements. Watch a 3-minute clip of the interview here.

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

When I turned 40 – 25 years ago – I reached a major turning point in my life.  I was not too many years from finishing a 16-year career in professional baseball, but I was also married with three young girls and was starting a new career.  Tougher than dealing with all of that was the fact that, for the first time in my life, I was faced with feeling the physical and mental aging process. I had less mental energy; I was losing my muscle mass and expanding out of my size 34 jeans.   started getting frequent mouth ulcers. I came down with a debilitating flu at least 2 times a year.  Luckily, in 1991, things changed for the better... Read More
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10 Tips to Protect Your Prostate Health

With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, most men are faced with increasing mental and physical demands as they age. These demands can affect your health, including your prostate. To help you protect your health and prostate, we offer you these 10 valuable tips... 

Study: Oily Fish May Boost Prostate Cancer Survival Rate

An increased intake of fish and Omega-3-rich seafood may improve prostate cancer survival by 38 percent, according to a new study...  Read More

Combatting the Memory Loss & Mental Decline of Aging

As we age, the demands of life only seem to grow, and our bodies and minds begin to gradually decline which can make things difficult for us. The mental decline as we age can be especially frustrating, and may lead to other potential serious issues like depression. Although aging and its side effects are inevitable, we can fight back by becoming healthier. The combination of valuable supplements and a smart and balanced diet can help us live longer and happier... Read More
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