Each of us is different. That is great. 
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Celebrating What Makes You Unique

Dear Friend,

Do you ever start a project thinking that you know what you want only to discover that your original plan isn’t quite what you expected? That is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago when I  painted my office at Studio 34 Yoga. More accurately, a friend and colleague, who also has a wellness practice at the Studio, volunteered with me to paint all three wellness rooms, a task which took a whopping 8 hours to complete!

This friend has one room she uses most often; I have a second room I use most often, and that left one remaining lonely room, which we figured we might as well paint once we got going. We taped and primed the walls for hours. And after priming, we discovered that we both loved the light grey of the primer. Maybe it was the paint fumes talking, but in the end, we discovered that we were happy without the “purple lace” paint we had so carefully chosen, and which originally had seemed like a perfect dream.

Each of the three wellness rooms started with different colored walls. Room one had a burnt orange color, room two had a light yellow, and room three had a dark yellow. When the primer went on in room one, we discovered that the grey of the primer was soothing, and in room two, the primer over the light yellow left a lovely pale blue color, like the edge of the ocean. And in room three, ironically the room neither of us use, we did end up painting the wall purple lace and discovered that the paint swatch and the actual paint seemed to have little in common.

What started out as an attempt at sameness ended up unveiling the unique beauty of each of the rooms. Though the main difference between the spaces was originally their shape, now we could also see that each room had its own way of working with color and light.

And that uniqueness is one of reasons I love acupuncture. Even if you set out to use the same acupuncture points on everyone, these points will activate differently in different people and bring about results that are unique to that person. What does this mean? This means that the medicine I use is appropriate for almost anyone, but is not one-size-fits-all.

One of my teachers, Laura Barnard Stelmok, speaks of certain acupuncture protocols (a set of particular points used for a particular purpose) as the “Songs of Creation.” This means that my destiny is not the same as your destiny and your being is not the same as my being (though at the center of everything we share a certain consciousness). So even if someone were to come along and do the exact same acupuncture points in the exact same order on me and then on you, we would each have a unique experience of that treatment.

I love this! I love how acupuncture activates each human’s heart for the purpose that Heaven intended. I hope that I have the chance to work with you soon, and to see how the shape of Summertime is manifesting in you and your being.  

Summer is the time of Relationships, and each Relationship in your life starts with your relationship to your heart. I hope that you have many blessings this Summer. Watch for part two of this post in a few weeks, in which I talk more about perspective (and also about how acupuncture can help with the toxic effects of paint fumes)!

Love, Monica


Summer is also the time to Play! In the spirit of Playfulness, I will be out of the office Monday July 13-Wednesday July 22. That means I will not be available for treatments on Mondays July 13 and July 20 and on Thursday July 16. I am back in the office Thursday July 23. If you are a current patient and don’t have July appointments yet, please reach out to me so that we can figure out how to fit you in. Thanks for letting me go play with my family in North Carolina.
Come visit me in West Philly & check out the new paint! 
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