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Bake sales are a part of American history. For centuries people have "baked their best" for schools, churches, families in need, community centers and parks. Hosting a bake sale can teach skills while building positive community support!  Home Baking Association members have provided activities, recipes and guidelines to help you plan a successful event!

The Home Baking Association provides tips to expand profits and program recognition! You can find these ideas and recipes for the Best-ever Cake Brownies and Ready-to-Top Whole Grain Gourmet Pizza Crusts on our Bake for Funds resource!
No child should grow up hungry in America, but one in five children struggles with hunger. Sign up today at to bake a difference.

Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins

Bake 48 mini-muffins with this fantastic recipe from Domino Sugar. These cute, fun-sized muffins will be a hit at your next bake sale or family function. 
Find the recipe here

Bake Sale Tips and Tools from C & H Sugar!

First Tip: You could be the best baker in the whole world, but if your bake sale is on your quiet little cul-de-sac, expect to be eating a lot of cookies that night! So think "location, location, location!" ... click here to read more amazing tips from this Home Baking Association member.
  • location ideas
  • how to promote
  • printable signs & tags
  • fun ideas
  • pricing suggestions
  • presentation 

Baking A Difference! 

View or download this complimentary cookbook today for inspiration to host a bake sale in support of No Kid Hungry! 

Download your cookbook here

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie

Try your hand with these soft and chewy cookies packed with chocolate chips.  Go beyond the standard chocolate chip cookie with the addition of nutty tasting oats. Find recipe here

The Food Network is looking for bakers for two shows! Additional information is provided. Submit ASAP and include that you received this casting information from the Home Baking Association (HBA)! Good luck bakers!

The Great Holiday Bake-Off

The Kids Baking Challenge
Baking to raise funds for local concerns is almost as old as the U.S.  Whether planning to sell baked goods during, or after school hours, a well-executed bake sale offers students and communities dozens of learning outcomes supporting literacy, sciences, math, health, technology, families, careers and communities. 
Top Ten Bake Sale Benefits

10. Apply team work—move beyond individual sales prowess to communal service.

9.  Expend effort to create sales and services using tact, service and gratitude to customers and supporters. 

8.  Calculate costs of products, package for profitability, evaluate customer traffic.

7.  Package portions appropriate to individuals and value for families of two or more.

6.  Apply baking science—weigh/divide dough for uniform products; temperatures for leavening and doneness.

5.  Learn and apply food safety guidelines during baking, while packaging and selling.

4.  Post and promote well before the sale. Download bake sale guides, kits, resources, recipes.  Use both printed posters and social media.

3.  Offer options! Whole grain, mixes, par-baked pizza crusts, less sodium, ingredient allergy substitutions.

2. Create labels that sell AND provide ingredient list, net weight, recipe source, date.

1. Read and follow directions as group (activity calendars, sales regs) and individuals (recipes).

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